All about SearsCard Login

searscard loginSearscard login;SearsCards are certainly a boon for frequent Sears customers and SearsCard not only gives them an opportunity to get discounts on various products at certain stores, but also has a reward point system in which you gain points on every purchase and after a certain amount of points have been collected, you can redeem them for a product or an offer.

However, to keep a track of your purchases and points collected, you need to have an online account. Citibank manages your online Searscard login. Setting up the online account is easy; in fact your account is already set up after you issue your card and all that is required is single step activation. Citibank offers complete protection and 100% security to your account. You personal and financial information is kept safe with 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security available today on the web. So rest assured that your account and information is safe from any unauthorized access.

Sears login to your account gives you the following benefits:

• Reward points status
• Details about unauthorized transactions
• Payments done without any receipt
• Special offers and coupon codes
• Credit status
• Return items bought at Sears approved outlets

You can go through your purchase history, view any outstanding balance and check if someone has been misusing your card. There is a special Citi Identity Theft Solutions service, which comes with a small annual fee, which protects you in case anyone is performing an identity theft with your ID. The Accountcare service lets you suspend payments and/or get them cancelled, without having any effect on your account balance or your credit profile.

SearsCard login to your account also means that you will be saving paper. Moreover, online bills can be easily accessed from anywhere and do not require to be carried around. Even if you forget your card at home and come out for shopping, after providing proper ID in Kmart or Sears, you can get a provisional pass and proceed your shopping. You can anytime change your residential number, commercial address, phone number, e-mail ID; on the go. You don’t have to wait in queues to get these particulars changed.

The Sears Choice Benefit Plan gives the card holder one point for each dollar spent, without any extra interest. When you use the Sears login, you automatically join the Sears Club. The club offers you a wide array of merchandise, travel tours and gift cards. The best part is that you can use your reward points to buy something from them. These reward credits can be earned whenever you buy at Sears, Kmart, Land’s End, The Great Indoors, Hometown Stores, Grand, Sears Essentials, Orchard Supply Hardware and on their online shopping store.

The Sears card has definitely been a popular choice in US as well as the Canadian state. Now its popularity is growing towards the other parts of the world. The Searscard login gives a customer complete control over his credit card account. Providing good quality merchandise with additional benefits on every purchase is certainly what the average person demands today.